How to get started? (First of Three Stages)

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Cogeneration’s System

Based on decades of experience, research and trial and error we have create a proprietary method to create new ventures. This method combines with our network of experts ensure that the startups we create have the best chance of success and rapid growth.

Cogeneration’s Network

Join active Swedish entrepreneurs, investors and quality service providers to exchange ideas and opportunities. Learn how best to start you new venture. Find the people you need to grow your business.Expand and improve your relationship capital. You can do this and more when you join the Cogeneration Network.

About Us

Cogeneration is a group of entrepreneurs, experts and investors who are passionate about creating startups in the Nordic region. We believe that talk is cheap, so we don’t consult, advise or tell you what to do. Rather we bring the experience, complementary skills, proprietary methods and resources together to co-create the venture together with you.